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Valentine’s Day At George Cannon: Oolala!

Valentine’s Day at George Cannon: Oolala!

Even in the land of tea and romance, George Cannon in Montparnasse is in a class by itself for its quality of tea, blended tea and extraordinary tearoom. Now a new website, tea boutique@home (left) by   former employee Sophie Bossard,  is offering some of their teas online, as well as other products related to tea.The website is only in French,  alas (google translate, anyone?), but Mlle Bossard says plans are for an English translation.

Paris abounds in tearooms, yet George Cannon remains a best-kept secret, even among the Parisians. (When LTR’s high-maintenance daughter was living in Paris, the elegant Parisian parents of her bff were astonished that an American, yet, told them about this amazing store that was totally off their radar.) Located on a charming street (are there any other in Paris) at 12 rue Notre Dame des Champs,75006, Paris, its discreet leaf logo belies the treasures within.

Inside, there are neat rows and rows of specialty teas, blended teas limited only by the imagination and skill of its  managing director, Olivier Scala, whose family has been in tea business for generations: Scala’s great-grandfather founded the first French tea import company in 1900. Olivier Scala, also chairman of the French Tea Board, came to George Cannon in 1978. It remains a family operation.  Scala is also the author of “Thes” (above),  a comprehensive and visually stunning book that in addition to detailing origins and types of tea includes recipes. Sample: Mariage du chocolat blanc et du the vert, framboises compotees.

Back to the tearoom: There’s a lovely tea room and down a flight of stairs is a correct Japanese room for tea ceremony and also an area for massage. What a lovely Valentine’s day present!

A serene atmosphere in the downstairs massage room. A perfect moment of calm.


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