The Lilac Tea Room: an online salon about everything tea and more

Say you want to learn more about tea, but don’t want to go crazy. So many choices! Black tea, green tea, oolongs, white tea, red tea! What about health benefits: what’s the science behind these claims? Is decaf tea a thing? Are black teas more caffeinated than white tea? What about  blends? Can tea be aged like wine?  What’s the link  between the opium wars of the 1800s and tea? Where to begin?

Welcome to the lilac tea room,  an online salon whose only affiliation is the pursuit of knowledge, and whose aim is to inform and perhaps astonish.  To paraphrase what Lawrence Durrell said about wine “oiling the tongue,” tea excites the senses, calms the nerves and opens the mind. It’s not only about stuff in a cup.

                                                                  Why Lilac?

Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like the haunting aroma of lilacs? Like tea, lilacs come in infinite varieties, but come basically from the same plant. And like tea, the scent of lilacs is unforgettable and both soothes and excites the senses.  Simply put, lilacs often lead people to talk about things beyond flowers.

Send us a “sip” to tell us what is on your mind; read what we have to say and use this as your forum. The Lilac Tea Room is not affiliated with anything other than the pursuit of knowledge about tea and the satisfaction of sharing tips and sips about anything that excites, elevates or even infuriates.