The return of the lilac tea room

lilacs in BorgesIn case you have been wondering if the LTR has  been relegated to the compost heap of all good blogs with good intentions, flashes of brilliance, spells of boredom, and the undeniable  pressure  of consistency, consider its demise premature.  Which is a roundabout way of saying that after too many crises, spates of boredom and just when the time seemed right to begin again,  a quite surreal series of hacking events, we are back.

In this increasingly incomprehensible world, tea remains sane, lovely, complex and endlessly fascinating. Which may be why it popularity continues to grow. Take the recent World Tea Expo where experienced tea purveyors rubbed booths with a plethora of new kids on the block. And by that, we do mean kids.  (In future posts, we’ll go more in depth of who they are.)

Maybe it was World’s Tea Expo’s new home in relatively buclolic Long Beach compared to the dread Las Vegas. In the past, World Tea Expo was held at the mammoth Vegas Convention Center minutes away from the smoke-filled, Musak blaring, plastic aired halls of the temples to greed. Really, holding a tea convention in Vegas was like building casinos in Big Sur. Talk About dissonance!World_Tea_Expo_2014-Banner

Long Beach, while geographically close to Los Angeles, is light years away – it combines a  small-town vibe – a free tram roams downtown- with a world class aquarium, architecturally  cool symphony hall, streets made as much for ambling as for driving – and  the quirky and mothy berthed Queen Mary. With air you can actually breath instead of see, it’s a good choice for a Tea and Healthy Beverage Convention.

Trends? LTR predicts that Darjeeling, black teas, Assams and teas from India will become increasingly popular.  Also, “teas” from plants other than Camilla Sinensis  will gain a footing. Think honeybush from South Africa, roasted barley from Montana (!) or mamaki  from Hawaii. All of these teas are caffeine-free, which makes them a fine after-dinner sip for the caffeine-adverse. More on these teas in later posts.

mamaki tea

For now, welcome back LTR readers! Tell your friends. Even your enemies.RoBarr Roasted Barley

2 thoughts on “The return of the lilac tea room

  1. jacquelin mavros

    Well, what a relief to see the LTR back! I was starting to lose my sense of the wonders of tea.
    It got so bad I dunked a cup of warm water with a Lipton tea bag. Another time, I had a hot cup of….Red Rose, that Canadian favourite.
    Anyway, glad to hear the news, and nice to hear that Assam teas are “in”.
    Advice to tea lovers: retweet the LTR.

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